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Do you think that great danes have the same medical issues as chihuahuas?   Obviously NOT!!  All dogs are different; and consequently, they face different health problems. Each breed is genetically predisposed to specific health issues. For example, yellow labs are prone to ear infections while bulldogs often have problems with hip dysplasia. At THE PET CLINIC, we indivualize our care based on each pet's genetic background and we check more specifically for those problems known to be associated with his/her particular breed.  This is avery interesting, fun and productive way to practice veterinary medicine!

Getting an early diagnosis can help ensure that your pet gets the treatment they need. This can often result in a longer life. For example, knowing that Scottish Terriers have a high occurrence of bladder cancer, our doctors can note that a female, Scottish Terrier coming in with blood in her urine needs to be checked for bladder cancer. This information helps to steer veterinarians in the right direction, instead of needing to search for a broad range of answers each time a sick pet comes in.



* Hip dysplasia is common in German Shepherds,

  Great Danes, and English Setters.

* Bloat is a common problem with Great Danes, Saint

  Bernards, and Great Pyrenees.

* Hypothyroidism is seen mostly in Irish Setters,

  Cocker Spaniels, and Dachshunds.

* Congenital heart disease is found mostly in Collies,

  Bulldogs, and Saint Bernards.

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“Thanks to Dr. Parker and her entire staff for the love, care and support that was given to Bama during his illness.”


- Robert W.

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This data can help diagnose your pet earlier

Common problems found in specific breeds:

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